Thursday, October 9, 2008

WMI database

Hi there !
I'd like to tell you about WMI
It's a pretty huge database with common API to access to the hardware/software information
It contains different information about operating system and hardware. For example computer name, TCP/IP address, DNS, and DHCP information and many other keys that are necessary for normal working.
Also, I notice that it builds as a COM service and it is available from different languages C++, C, Pascal, Visual Basic and scripts such as VBScript.
According to C++ to invoke a method we need to do a lot of work. So I show you how to use:
I have created two classes: first is for reading properties, second to invoke methods.
WMI divided to several groups and each group contain classes:
For example Network group contains NetworkAdapter, NetworkAdapterConfigurator
It's not a c++ classes. Actually, it is a description of the class which you can use with not C++ languages.

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