Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sintral IDE

Hello All,
I decided to delay all my own projects and ideas to finish Sintral IDE project

this is a program for STOLL knitting machine. From the first glance it looks like very simple VB language but also it is quite specific.
I've start this project for all old STOLL machines. they are still working bug they didn't have support by vendors. Software for them was created in 80-90s. Once I was able to see STOLL program for windows 95.

My friend ask me started this project... and I agreed :)

Features that are already done:

  • - BMP to TXT image converter
  • - TXT to BMP converter
  • - Sintral highlighter
  • - export to MS Word
  • - Pack/Unpack big Jackards
  • - Line, Rectangle, Normal selection
  • - Renumeration lines
  • - Syntax check
  • - STOLL communication via com port (read, write, erase)
  • - Language pack (russian, english)
  • - Add/remove external tools in programs menu
  • - Users help
I've translated all sources to Delphi 2009 Unicode version
Also I remove 3rd party component UniHighlighter and wrote a plugin component for UniSyn to highlight a sin language. I could not compile UniHighlighter in 30 minutes so I decided to drop this component down and remove from future using.
If you are the one who needs this application, please contact me over email or send me request here

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