Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Java pre-processor

How Eclipse works to compile project?

If we are looking for android project compilation process, it contains from many builders
- before resource generator builder;
- resource builder;
- Java compiler;
- package builder;

Next builder will be started after previous one was finished successfully.

Sometimes you may want to use one source for different incompatible platforms (like JavaME MIPS2.0 or Java SE or some other Java specific platform like Android).

The best approach here to have you project separated from Java SDK by creating wrappers on SDK layer and then refer only wrapped classes in your project. Then when in and script for package builder build your project together with Java specific library wrapper.(recommended)

Another way to dial with this problem is to have a preprocessor like C preprocessor and wrap platform specific code. This approach is less clear and it feels like some comments you cannot remove. (not recommended) 

If you need Java cross platform but it is difficult to separate api in your project - you have to redesign you project.

Custom Java preprocessor (also could be done using ant script as well as using external preprocessor tool (like C preprocessor). To understand how it works I have created my own custom preprocessor using ant

Eclipse defines 4 targets
  • before clean
  • manual build
  • auto build
  • during clean 
I have created a simple xml file with 4 targets that is shown below:
  <project name="new builder" >
  <target name="before_clean"/>
  <target name="manual_build"/>
  <target name="auto_build"/>
  <target name="during_clean">

Do you have other solution how to build the same app on different Java platforms? 

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